M&SOM Society Award for Responsible Research in Operations Management


Co-Sponsored by the

Community for Responsible Research in Business and Management and

the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society


Call for nominations

Submission deadline : April 1, 2019



Responsible research is defined as studies that produce both credible and societally useful knowledge. Credibility refers to the reliability and validity or trustworthiness of the findings, in either inductive or deductive work, using either qualitative or quantitative data, or both. Usefulness refers to the potential relevance of the knowledge produced to inform policies and practices with positive societal impact. The purpose of responsible research is to encourage studies contributing knowledge that may have implications for making the world a better place through informing evidence-based,high quality and societally beneficial organizational practices across business, government and non-government organizations. We call for nomination of published work that exemplifies the seven principles of responsible research.



The Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society (MSOM) promotes the enhancement and dissemination of knowledge, and the efficiency of industrial practice, related to the operations function in manufacturing and service enterprises. The methods which MSOM members apply in order to help the operations function add value to products and services are derived from a wide range of scientific fields, including operations research and management science, mathematics, economics, statistics, information systems and artificial intelligence. The members of MSOM include researchers, educators, consultants, practitioners and students, with backgrounds in these and other applied sciences.


Review Committees and Process

A review committee, consisting of 4 – 6 members (based on the volume of submissions), will be appointed by M&SOM President; committee members will be comprised of recognized senior faculty, drawing from a diverse set of research areas.



Submission Criteria

We accept nomination or self-nomination of research articles or research books, in the English language, that meet the following criteria:

  1. The article should be published (or accepted) in a refereed journal, or the book by a university or academic press in the five years of 2014 to 2018.
  2. The research focuses on timely topics that relate to current and future challenges of managing or leading anorganization (for-profit business, entrepreneurial firms, social enterprises, non-profit, government, etc.) and in any region of the world.
  3. Research that exemplifies the seven principles of responsible research.


Submission Procedure

  1. A PDF copy of the article or the book, a pre-print finalized manuscript is acceptable.
  2. A cover letter that describes why this work (research article or book) deserves to be considered for the Award, in two single-spaced pages. If possible, provide: a) evidence on the “usefulness” of the research, i.e., how it has made a positive impact on practice or society, and b) information on how this work has been disseminated to stakeholders beyond the academic community.
  3. Include the nominee’s current affiliation and contact information (phone and email address), as well as nominator’s name, affiliation and contact information in the cover letter.
  4. Submit nomination materials (PDF of work and cover letter) to Wedad Elmaghraby (welmaghr[at]umd.edu) by April 1, 2019.
  5. The decision of the award will be announced on or before MSOM Business Meeting at INFORMS 2019.
  6. Award winners will receive a plaque (to be presented at INFORMS 2019 Business Meeting) and a $500 award (to be shared among multiple winners).


Evaluation Criteria

The criteria used to evaluation submissions will be assessed along the 7 Principles outlined on www.rrbm.network and described in detail in the position paper “Responsible Research for Business and Management: Striving for Credible and Useful Knowledge”.  While research may not satisfy every criterion, it will be assessed along each of the following principle dimensions.